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When I went to college for Interior Design at CSU Fresno, they had us study "The Interior Dimension: A Theoretical Approach to Enclosed Space Malnar, Joy Monice / Vodvarka, Frank Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York (1992)". Honestly I didn't really study it like I should've. BUT, it has become a major part of how I see design, relate to architecture/design and actually practice design now. This book is not only about the past, present and future of design but it also notes on psychology and space planning with a heavy fine arts approach. I thank everyone who has taken the time to create such an amazing book - and shout out to my professors for having us study this gem! Also CONGRATS to all the Fresno State Interior Design Graduates of 2019! #rookieblogger #PACHÉinteriorsandevents #PACHÉSoirée #interiordesign #blogger #fresnostate #congratsgrads

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